The Old Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg St. Pauli

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A piece of Hamburg history under the river Elbe

At almost 24 metres below the riverbed, the Old Elbe Tunnel connects the Landungsbrücken piers in St. Pauli with Steinwerder. This tube has seen vehicles and people moving under the river for over 100 years, lifted up and down by impressive machinery. In 1911 the Elbe Tunnel, 426.5 metres long, was a technological sensation, the first tunnel under a river on the European continent. It is now a protected structure and continues to amaze visitors and film makers with its unique engineering features. After a stroll under the river Elbe, visitors can enjoy the perfect view of Hamburg’s skyline with the steeple of St Michael’s church, or ’Michel’ as it is locally known, and the Rickmer Rickmers sailing ship from Steinwerder.

By the way, the Elbe Tunnel can be rented should you be planning that very special event!