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Alt Lohbrügger Hof
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From the soup pot and the dairy
Field & Garden
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Sweets & baked goods
Scharpe Peper Sopp
Spicy Pepper soup with tubers, roasted oven vegetables and buckwheat

Potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes cooked in vegetable stock and spices, finely pureed and seasoned with green pepper to a slightly spicy taste. Served with soft braised vegetables, herbs, buckwheat and a little lemon juice.

€ 9,90
Ox meat bouillon
Beef broth with vegetables, meat & pancake

Beef ribs and marrow bones with root vegetables gently simmered for 8 hours, for an extra strong taste, with vegetables and pancake strips.

€ 10,90
Aven-Kees with Peer
Oven-baked Blue cheese with pear, quince jelly, nuts, rocket, toasted bread and onion compote

A cheese from the Backensholzer cheese dairy in Holstein, made by hand using traditional methods and natural ingredients. Just like the rest of the dish. We just bake a pear half with some honey, walnuts and the then melting “Friesisch Blue”. We also add homemade toppings such as toasted sourdough bread, boiled red onions, quince jelly and lettuce tips.

€ 16,90
Gröönkohl pikant
Spicy green cabbage with beet, roots, sweet potatoes and corn balls

Green cabbage braised with onions, oats and warming spices, seasoned with sweet mustard and a little smoky paprika. Topped with a tossed mix of sweet potatoes, beet and chickpeas. Baked balls of fresh corn, semolina and spring leeks provide a little crunch.

€ 24,90
Oven winter vegetables with mashed swede, dyke cheese, lentil stock and mandarin oranges

Creamy potato and swede mash seasoned with lots of fresh herbs, nutmeg and an extra dollop of butter. Lots of grated dyke cheese on top and topped with wonderfully soft braised oven vegetables. A fruity tomato and lentil stock and fresh mandarins provide a little freshness and acidity. As we don’t want to miss out on a few toasted flavors, we serve it with toasted sourdough bread.

€ 25,50
Peppered grilled willow beef 180gr.
Juicy rump steak with an aromatic fat edge
€ 29,90
Peppered grilled willow beef 250gr.
Juicy rump steak with an aromatic fat edge

Served with backed potato, creamy chive curd cheese
and colorful bean salad with toasted farmhouse bread,
tangy herb butter or spicy steak sauce.

€ 34,90
Fröhjaars – Lamb
Lamb rump with zucchini and bean vegetables and aromatic spiced rice

The first culinary messenger that spring is on its way:…. Tender lamb rump marinated with savory, parsley and garlic, roasted and cooked until pink. Served on a tomato-based vegetable dish of sautéed minced lamb, diced onion, white broad beans and zucchini slices. Rounded off with a little red wine and lots of fresh herbs. Braised long grain rice with warm spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper add some excitement to the palate!

€ 28,50
Lever, Wrucke, lecker!
Veal liver with rutabaga mash, stewed apple, braised onions, broccoli

A classic with a new twist!  A slice of veal liver fried briefly in butter on creamy mashed potatoes and turnips, seasoned with nutmeg and Schabziger clover. Served with browned onion rings in a lovely beer sauce, softly stewed local Elstar apple and crunchy broccoli.

€ 25,50
“Snitzel vom Landswien”
The famous German breaded schnitzel, jacket potato-cucumber salad

In homemade breadcrumbs, breaded and fried pork in a large
pan in clarified butter, crispy and light, served on a home-made
potato salad in light mustard dressing with cucumber, radish and fresh herbs.

€ 27,50
“En Hamborger Orginal” – Hamburger Pannfisch”
Hamburger Pannfisch: Cod with fried potatoes, mustard sauce and cucumber salad

From the leftover meal of the Hamburg dockworkers to perhaps THE regional traditional dish, which is prepared a little differently in the last 150 years & every household, but always remains delicious! MSC cod fillets fried in butter with a mild smoky mustard sauce on crispy fried slices of fried potatoes with bacon & onions, served with sweet and sour pickled cucumber-dill salad from Grandma Klara’s recipe book

€ 27,50
“Hamborger Rode Grütt – typisch noorddüütsch”
Red fruit jelly with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Northern Germany’s dessert classic par excellence, whether in red, green or yellow. With seemingly almost as many recipes as there are villages in the north! We take whole fruits of currants, blackberries and raspberries and put them in a sauce of boiled down and pureed strawberries. The red fruit jelly served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

€ 9,90
Mehlpütt un Klötenköm
Yeast dumpling with strawberry egg liqueur, rhubarb and poppy seed-honey ice cream

A small, airy yeast dumpling – with a small amount of sourdough for more fluffiness – on oven-cooked rhubarb, strawberry egg liqueur from our own production and creamy honey poppy seed ice cream flavored with a little woodruff and Lübeck marzipan!

€ 12,50
Mövenpick scoop of ice cream
Various varieties

per ball

€ 3,80
portion of whipped cream
€ 2,00
Rustic Streusel cake
Based on an old family recipe from “Grandma Henni”

With seasonal fruit on juicy potato batter, covered with thick
Butter sprinkles along with a small pinch of salt, for that little bit more (…really delicious with walnut ice cream…).

€ 5,90
Hof Gedeck

Half a piece of fruit crumble cake based on a family recipe
optionally with a cup of coffee or a scoop of Mövenpick ice cream.

€ 7,20
Additives & allergens

1 with dye
2 with preservatives
3 with caffeine
6 with phosphates
9 with sweetener
12 with antioxidants
14 with flavor enhancer

Allergies?! Menus with lists of additives for allergy sufferers are available from the service!



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